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Corellas Letter - Ambush

Last action taken

You failed the Skill challenge and in doing so, failed to spot the ambush! The old woman has revealed herself as a doppleganger and is preparing to attack. The 2 bandits locked outside are wearing black cloaks with their hoods over their heads and red hankacheifs over their mouths.Squares containing furniture are denoted on the map below as difficult terrain.

Room Layout

Darellas Cottage

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download Download: Corella's Letter Quest Map (Darella's Cottage Printable Map)





a) Doppelganger (mm 4e pg 71)
b) Human Bandit (mm 4e pg 162)
c) Human Bandit (mm 4e pg 162)



Blue rectangles on the map represent windows and grant superior cover on both sides. You can use a minor action to break the window.

The door leading to the bedroom is locked and can not be opened at this time (Key Required).


The bandits spring their attack. Roll perception checks for PC's vs Stealth checks for enemies. Pc's that fail the check start the round surprised. The front door of the cottage is unlocked.

Bandit b) charges forward to flank the pc's.

Bandit c) takes position outside of the window gaining superior cover and throws it daggers at the pc's until he runs out.

After Combat

You do not have time to rest after completing this encounter.

Search the bodies:



Shortly after you have searched the bodies of the bandits and the doppleganger, you hear a mass of scraping noises outside the cottage. You walk over to the windows to see 6 skeletal figures walking towards the cottage. You have not rested. Combat begins immediately. Proceed to result 1.


Result 1