D&D Solo Adventures

The Town of Dragonshore


Building name: Wilster's Oddities

Building type: Alchemistry and Wonderous Items


This shop is filled with strange contraptions and bizzare shiny objects. There is an acidic smell in the air. A row of flasks arranged in the 7 colors of the rainbow can be seen on one of the shelves behind the counter. In the corner of the room near the counter, a large crystal ball leviates in mid air above a sliver tri-pod shaped stand; A motif of ivry encircles the top of the stand and strange animals of all kinds decorate the stands 3 legs.

An elven man wearing a long dark blue cloak stands behind the counter of this small shop, concentrating intently as he pours a flask of purple translucent liquid into a flask containing clear liquid. You watch as they both combine, and the liquid solidifies and shrinks into an object resembling a small black pebble and falls to the bottom of the flask. The shop owner places both flasks onto the counter slowly. With a fustrated look on his face he looks down at the floor.

Wilster: "Blast it! It happened again..."

The shop keep looks up at you, as if only just noticing your presence.

Wilster: "Yes!? What do you want? Can't you see I'm a busy!"


Side Quest - Gleaming Ointment

Item Required - Gleaming Ointment. Complete Quest.

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Merchant Services

Alchemistry Components and Wonderous Items

NoteAll objects sold in this shop can be found in the Adventurer's Vault supplement



(all at market price)