D&D Solo Adventures


You are walking down an unknown, overgrown path you think is the correct road to Drovins Cabin.

Terrain Layout


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Area Description

You have walked a short distance along the gravel path when you come to a clearing in the otherwise dense forest. There is 3 large boulders, and an old well near the corner of the path (all difficult terrain), as it curves around the clearing. You see 3 wolve's up ahead. 2 are skulking around a pile of bones, one is drinking water from a puddle of rainwater on the path. All three of them appear aggitated and very hostile. They havent spotted you yet, and you wonder why they could be so irate. You can not bypass the group and must fight the wolf pack to progress further down the track.

Rocks: You can climb ontop of a rock with a DC15 athletics check gaining combat advantage. Rocks are difficult terrain.



a) Gray Wolf (MM pg 264)
b) Gray Wolf (MM pg 264)
c) Shadow Hound (MM pg 160)


Surprise Round: You can surprise this group. Roll a perception check vs the Shadow Hounds stealth check (use dexterity modifier).

The wolves are mindless with rage, and will attack you till death.

After Combat

Search the bodies:



1) West down the unkown path
2) An old Well
3) Return to Shadowbark Road

Choose a root action:


1) Continue west down the track

2) Examine Object (2)

i) Examine The Well
ii) Drop a pebble down the well

3) Return to Shadowbark Road (You can not turn around at this time).