D&D Solo Adventures

Olohands Cottage

Last action taken

You have completed the Taker quest.

It is nightfall. You arrive once again at Olohands home. Something is not quite right. There are no lights from within Olohands residence. You walk up to the front door and see a note folded and wedged under the door.

You pick up the note and read it.

"Dear Friend,

I have left for the town of Dragonshore. Our adversaries are drawing near and it is unsafe for an old man such as me to stay here any longer. You can find me at the townhall in Dragonshore. I must speak with you urgently!

Please hurry and be careful!


Things must be dire for Olohand to leave he's home.

You place the note in your pocket. Before you can even take one step toward Dragonshore, you hear a rustling from the thicket close to olohands home.

Make a perception check: (Roll Dice) Result

5 humanoid figures appear from the thicket of shrubs and trees not far from your position. They are all wearing black cloaks with hoods and are walking towards you, trudging through waist high grass. The closest of the group points at you and yells "Just as the Master foretold! ATTACK!!!"


Terrain Layout


download Download map: Olohands Cottage


a) Human Guard (MM pg 162)
b) Human Lackey (MM pg 162)
c) Human Lackey (MM pg 162)
d) Human Lackey (MM pg 162)
e) Human Lackey (MM pg 162)


The Human Guard leads the charge. The men fight violently without regard to their own well being.

The thick grass (all tiles containing grass - see the black and white combat map) are difficult terrain. The garden bed around Olohands cottage is difficult terrain to enter and exit from (3 foot high sleeper bed).

After Combat

Search the bodies

Result 1

gametipGametip: Copy the image of the duskshell, you may need it later in your quest



Continue your quest

You hear the sound of wardrums in the distance. You must hurry to Olohand!

Main Quest: Rendezvous with Olohand at Dragonshore Townhall