D&D Solo Adventures

A Growing Rat Problem

You have accepted Boruns task: To find the source of the rat infestation in this basement.

Terrain Layout

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Area Description

You are standing in Boruns cold basement. You hear the basement door shut behind you with a thud. Boruns muffled voice can be heard behind it. He says to you in a cowardly tone "Im going to lock this door now. Knock on it 3 times when your done.". The room is dimly lit. The only light source; one small window looking out at foot level to the street outside. There are no rats or rat bodies to be seen in this room

Make a dungoneering check: (Roll Dice) Result



1) Piles of crates
2) Some markings on a floor tile
3) A shifted floor tile

Choose an action:


1) Examine the crates:


2) Examine the markings on the floor:


3) examine the floor tile:

i) Try to lift the tile: Strenght check: (Roll Dice) Result

ii) Attempt to break the tile by jumping ontop of it:

iii) Attempt to break the tile with your weapon: Strenght check: (Roll Dice) Result



Result 1