D&D Solo Adventures

Corellas Letter

Last action taken

You found Darella Dryadsons corpse inside the dresser.

Area Description

You are standing inside The Scribes Den bookshop in Dragonshore. There are dusty bookshelves full of books covering every wall. On the countertop, piles of books, some almost a metre high, are stacked with bearly any space between them. A face appears above one of the piles, it is Markas.


Markas greets you with a short smile and says "Ah! You have returned! And hopefully with good news about the letter?"

You respond: "No Markas. Infact, i have returned with very grave news indeed..."

Markas: "What has happened? How is Darella? I persume you went to see her, yes?"

You respond: "Yes Markas. Please sit down somewhere."

Markas walks over to a seat in the corner of the small shop, never breaking his preplexed gaze from you, and sits down.

Markas says: "Well....?"

You say: "Markas, we saw Darella. There's no easy way to say this, so i will just say it. She was murdered by a doppleganger inside her cottage. We believe the doppleganger used some sort of poison in her cup of tea to... "

Markas exclaims: "What nonsense! You can't be serious? I just saw her yesterday! She was in fine spirits. As usual of course. Darella has always had a certain youth about her, people used to say she must have had elvish blood in her! And believe me, if you ever tasted one of her apple pies you would...."

You cut Markas off mid sentence: "Markus. Please. Let me finish."

Markas stares at you blankly, in disbelief.

You say solemnly: "A doppleganger was planning an ambush at her cottage, for us. We believe that the 2nd letter we found from the crypt has very important information and the doppleganger wanted it desperately. It mistakenly thought that Corella's Letter was the letter we left with Olohand to research. The doppleganger poisoned Darella and shapeshifted into her form."

Tears start to well up inside Markas' eyes as the he begins to believe what you are telling him.

You say: "I have placed Darella's body on her bed. I'm dreadfully sorry for your lose Markas"

Markas stares off into the distance. You place a hand on his shoulder and he begins to weep heavily

Markas says through his tears: "What about the doppleganger? What of it?"

You say: "Do not worry about the doppleganger. It has been put to justice "

Markas continues to weep. After a short time he looks up at you and thanks you for avenging his grandmothers death.

Markas says: "Here is the money for the letter we agreed upon. I know the letter hasn't been verified, but I would pay you this, just for bringing that murderous wretch to justice!"

You tell Markas to keep the money, but he insists you take it. You exchange Corella's Letter (item lost) for a small pouch full of gold coins.

Main Quest Complete!

Corella's Letter


You have just completed this quest. You receive:

Brushing away the tears Markas says: "I have known olohand since i was a boy. He is a good man. Return to him with this information immediately! A doppleganger in these parts is very uncommon and i fear for what it could possibly want with a small town like Dragonshore. Now i must lock up the shop and contact my family and explain to them what has happened. Farewell. Until we meet again!"

You say: "Farewell Markas. My deepest condolenses to you..."


You must return to Olohand with this news immediately!

Result 1