D&D Solo Adventures

Corellas Letter

You have spoken to Markas Dryadson and left Dragonshore Town to return to Olohand

You have arrived at Olohands residence. It is a dark moonless night.


You knock on the solid oak door. Olohand cautiously opens the door, and realising it is you and invites you inside. He peers outside into the blackness, looking from left to right, then quickly shuts the door behind you.

Olohand: "I'm glad you have returned. I have some important news about the letter!"

You respond : "We have some news of our own Olohand!"

You continue to explain all the recent events to Olohand. He listens intently as you recall the ambush and the doppleganger mistakenly thinking that Corella's Letter was infact the Undelivered Letter.

Olohand: "Then you have confirmed what I feared. The Undelivered Letter you found in the crypt...it is a set of orders. This letter is written in plain common language, however, there is an encryption spell on the letters which change their form. From what I have deciphered these are orders for a direct assault on Dragonshore. The letter mentions a few names. It is addressed to 'Trillican'. I'm assuming that is the name of the shapeshifter you encountered at Darella's Cottage. She was supposed to obtain this letter from the crypt, the night you went there to investigate the undead movement."

You say: "We beat her to the letter?"

Olohand replies: "Yes! You could have been mere hours from confronting her and her rogues in the crypt. Trillican was to deliver the orders to an individual by the name of 'Belros' of the Bloodclaw Clan. Belros...that is an Orcish name. According to this, he is positioned in the old abandoned mine to the east of here, waiting for instructions from 'The Master' to attack Dragonshore. The first port of call is to stop Belros. An Orcish clan in the Stonebreak Mines is alarmingly close to Dragonshore..."

You say: "Don't worry Olohand, we'll take care of it!"

Olohand responds: "I will speak with Mayor Wilven, about getting you some sort of reward for your continued aid! Please accept my deepest gratitude. The bloodclaw clan are fierce warriors. I just hope I'm not sending you to your deaths..."

You respond: "Thank you olohand. Don't worry, we'll be ok."

The Masters Orders - Find and kill Belros, leader of the Bloodclaw clan, before he attacks Dragonshore.

Olohand: "Good luck!"

Olohand gazes down onto a huge tome covering almost the entire study desktop. He takes his glasses out of his pocket and puts them on. In a low voice, he says to himself "Now...to find out who this Master is..."


Belros must be stopped before his clan attacks Dragonshore!

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