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The Abandoned Mine - Entrance

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New QuestThe Masters Orders (Level 4 Main Quest) - Olohand has asked you to find and kill Balros, Orchish leader of the Bloodclaw Clan, before he launches an assault on Dragonshore.

gametipGametip: This quest is a continuation of the 'Corellas Letter' quest.

Room Layout

The Abandoned Mine Area 1 Map

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Room Description

You are standing at the opening of the abandoned mine in Stonebreak's mountain ranges. Some wooden barricades have been built around the mouth of the cave. You can see some figures moving behind the barricades, when a horn is blown and a rough deep voice shouts "Attack!". You rush forward and crouch down behind an upturned mining cart.




a) Orc Raider (mm 4e - pg 203)
b) Gray Wolf (mm 4e - pg 264)
c) Orc Drudge (mm 4e - pg 203)
d) Orc Drudge (mm 4e - pg 203)
e) Orc Drudge (mm 4e - pg 203)


Players start this encounter behind an upturned mining cart. Enemies A) B) and C) are positioned behind crudely assembled barricades. Enemies D) and E) are positioned behind a small and a large boulder. All players, and all enemies have standardcover at the beginning of this battle.


The 3 Orc Drudges and the Grey Wolf sprint forward to engage the strongest looking PC. The Orc Raider remains behind cover, until he has thrown all of his handaxes, then charges at the PC's.

After Combat

Search the bodies:




1) Weapon Rack
2) An Orcish War Banner
3) Passage east further into the abandoned mine

Choose a root action:

1) Examine object(1)

a) Search weapon rack: OR (Roll Dice) Result

b) Pick up and examine the weapons on the weapon rack


2) Examine object(2)


3) Continue East further into the abandoned mine