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Corellas Letter

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Quest - Corellas Letter (level 3 Main Quest)
You have spoken to Markas Dryadson from The Scribes Den, a bookstore in the town of Dragonshore, about Corellas Letter. He has explained to you, as a condition of buying the letter, he would like you to show the letter to his grandmother Darella, to validate its authenticity.

gametipGametip: This quest is a continuation of 'The Crypt' quest.

Dialogue: Skill Challenge

Gametip: In this Skill Challenge there are 5 skill checks. You can use either of your characters to make the skill check. Depending on how many successful skill checks you get, will determine the outcome of the skill challenge and whether you receive XP or any other rewards. Keep track of successful skill checks as you progress through the skill challenge.

You are walking up a narrow rocky path towards Darella Dryadson's farm, a few miles from Dragonshore. Along the left hand side of the path is a long row of pale gray wooden piles, presumably once used for a wire fence. The right hand side of the path is dense with old twisted oak trees and dense shrubbery underneath.


As you approach the front door of the small cottage, you can just make out some faint sounds, possibly of quickened footsteps, from inside the house. You gently knock on the front door. A frail voice can be heard from inside the cottage. "Please come in!".

You slowly turn the handle and swing the door open. The interior of the cottage is very meek, and contains a number of bookshelves, full of old books and scrolls. You see a women sitting in front of a small unlight fireplace in a rocking chair. The room is very cold. She beckons you closer.

You stand next to her. You look at her face and see that she indeed elderly. Glancing around the room you see no one else, and the house is completely silent. You can not see into the bedroom, as the door is closed.

Old Women: "Welcome to my home. I'm sorry, I couldn't greet you at the door, I'm not as mobile as I once was. It's not often I have guests. How may I help you?"

You say: "We have a letter of historical importance and we wish to ask if you can validate its authenticity."

Old Women: "I would be delighted to! Please show me this letter!"

You feel as though there is something out of place and decide to ask her more questions before handing the letter to her.

You say: "Before I do so, may I ask, how are you related to Corella Dyradson?"

Old Women: "Oh...why, yes of course. She was my great aunt. Corellas nephew, Elian Dryadson's, was my father."


You say: "You have a lot of books and scrolls, are you knowledged in the history of Dragonshore?"

Old Women: "I know some things about the towns past but history is not one of my strong points"


You visually scan the old women to see if you can notice anything out of place. A knitted rug covers her body from neck to feet, only exposing her head and her right arm with which she is holding a cup of tea.


You notice that the old women keeps glancing at the door nervously. You ask her if she is ok..

Old Women: "Whatever do you mean! Of course, everything is fine!!"


Old Women: "Now if you please, may I look at The Mast...I mean...The Undelivered Letter?"

The Old Women mistakenly thinks that the letter that you have in your possession, isn't Corella's Letter. She thinks that it is the letter that Olohand is currently trying to identify! You wonder, how she knows about the other letter.

You say: "I do not believe that you are Darella"

In blind rage the old women responds: "I have had enough of this! Hand me the letter now, or face the consequences!"

As she says these words in blind fury, her face flashes to that of pale white; black skin surrounds her eye sockets, and her eye's are also as white as snow.

You respond defiantly: "You will have to take it from me!"

The old women throws off the rug with startling dexterity and underneath the blanket you see she was concealing a long silver blade in her left hand. She leaps out of the chair. The illusion from her face shimmers away to the pale face that you saw before, and stays fixed there.

She responds in a high pitched, scratchy voice "Then take it from you, I shall!".


If you were successful with 3 or more skill checks read the following information and then proceed to result 1:

Result 1

If you only succeeded on 2 or less skill checks read the following information and proceed to result 2:

Result 2