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The Town of Dragonshore - Dragonshore Temple

Building Name: Dragonshore Temple

Builging Type: Temple of Pelor

The interior of this small temple is made entirely of wood. On one side of the temple, 4 wooden benches are facing an alter. On the other side of the temple, the benches have been stacked up against the wall, and there are several wounded men lying on the floor. Some of the men are blood soaked, and moaning in pain. A dwarven priest is checking one of the injured mens bandages.

The dwarf sees you standing inside the temple entrance way, as a strong gust of wind blows into the room. He rushes past you, shutting the doors behind you. The dwarf introductions himself: "Hello there, my name is Petvin, I'm the priest of this temple."

You respond: "Greetings to you Petvin".

Petvin continues: "As you can see, I currently have my work cut out for me. The keep is sending down more injured men to me each day then I can treat. What makes matters worse is I've ran out of Firebloom blossoms. I wouldnt be surprised if you have never heard of these before...they only grow locally in the one solitary place; Tanglewood Grove. Have you been there before? It is a very perculiar place. Everything that grows inside the grove has a strange red, illuminous tint to it. The firebloom blossoms share this trait. Alchemists from all over the land, come to dragonshore to study it and to try to work out a way of growing it outside of the grove as the blossom has a revitalising property that is unmatched! But they always run into the same problem; As soon as the plant is removed from the grove, it withers and dies within hours of being dug up, even if it's still in the very same clod of soil!"

Petvin looks up at the roof of the temple, as if to ponder what he had just explained to you and then continues: "My merchant used to bring me these on a regular basis, but I haven't seen him for months now. I don't suppose you would be interested in finding some of these for me? I will pay you 10gp's per blossom you find! I can also offer my healing services to your party if you need any."

Keeper of the Grove (Level 5 Main Quest) - Petvin Spiritforger has asked you to go to Tanglewood Grove and collect as many Firebloom blossoms as you can. You must go through Tanglewood Forest to get to Tanglewood Grove

Go to result 1 when you have completed this quest

Petvin explains he has never seen the Firebloom plant himself, but the merchant he buys them from has described it to him a number of times before. He gives you a brief description of what it looks like.

He also issues you with a warning: "I've heard rumors of a ghostly disfigured humanoid creature that lives in the grove. It resides inside a cottage inside the grove, so i've heard. It's been there for as long as any one from Dragonshore can remember. How old it must be no one can say...what would possess anyone, or anything, to live in such a strange place is beyond me. There are many rumors about what it is. A ghost. A witch. No one really knows for sure...Sorry to shake you up like this. I just thought you should know...Be careful...."

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