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Weapon Crate Delivery - Tanglewood (westside)

NoteGametip: Tanglewood Forest is part of the Weapon Crate Delivery side quest and also leads to Tanglewood Grove

Terrain Layout

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Area Description

You are walking along a narrow dirt track made through the thick shrubbery (difficult terrain) of Tanglewood. Trees are denoted on the map as impassible terrain.










a) Kobold Dragonshield (Monster Manual 4e Page 168)
b) Kobold Slinger (Monster Manual 4e Page 168)
c) Kobold Slinger (Monster Manual 4e Page 168)


Make a passive perception check for each of your PC's against the Kobold Dragonshields stealth check. If both PC's fail the check, they start the first round of combat surprised. Combat does not start until PC's are within range of the Kobold slingers attack (Move your characters one at a time, until one of them is in range). If either PC's see the kobolds, combat starts immediately.


Kobold Slingers shot their special shot long range across the field before using ordinary ammunition. The Kobold Dragonshield will charge forward to meet the PC's head on, the Kobold slingers will not move forward even if they are taking a range penalty.

After Combat




1) Path leading west to Dragonshore
2) Path leading east, further into Tanglewood
3) A human corpse

Choose a root action:

1) Examine object(3):

2) Return to the Town of Dragonshore

3) Continue further into Tanglewood