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Weapon Crate Delivery - Tanglewood Intersection

Last Action Taken

You are travelling through the middle of Tanglewood Forest.

Terrain Layout

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Area Description

You are walking along a narrow dirt track made through the thick shrubbery (difficult terrain) of Tanglewood. You have come to a T-intersection





a) Kobold Dragonshield (Monster Manual 4e Page 168)
b) Kobold Slinger (Monster Manual 4e Page 168)

After Combat



1) A broken sign
2) Path leading further into Tanglewood
3) Path leading north to Tanglewood Grove
4) Path leading west to Dragonshore

Choose a root action:

1) Examine object(1):

2) Travel west to Dragonshore

3) Travel north to Tanglewood Grove

4) Travel east to Stonebreak Mountain Ranges