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The Town of Dragonshore


Building name: Ferrars Arms

Building type: Blacksmith

A middleaged man sits near a dusty window, at a desk almost completely covered in tools, holding a pair of pliers and linking ring pieces to the bottom of a chainmail shirt. He looks up at you as you approach.

Ferrar Axemage: "Greetings to you my friends. My name is Ferrar Axemage, founder and proprietor of this here blacksmith. Can I be of assistance to you?"

Before you have a chance to respond, Ferrar continues: "Say...you look like the adventuring type! Maybe you could be of assistance to me! I have this large crate of weapons I need delivered over there." Ferrar points across the room to a long wooden crate "Commander Ironfist needs it urgently at the Stonebreak Outpost, Northeast of here, about a days journey by foot from here. The fort has issued a request for all the weapons I have on hand and whatever I can forge in short notice, as they are running desperately low. Could you deliver this crate for me? You will have to travel through Tanglewood Forest. I dont know if you are aware of this, but Tanglewood Forest is a dangerous place to venture into at the moment. I will pay you 60gp's if you decide to help me out?"

Weapon Crate Delivery (level 2 Sidequest) - Deliver the crate of weapons to Commander Ironfist at Stonebreak outpost. This quest starts at Tanglewood Forest


Item Required - You must possess the Dragonshore Region Map (Can be bought from The Farmers Market) in order to undertake this quest.


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