D&D Solo Adventures

The Town of Dragonshore

Building name: Dragonshore Farmers Market

Building type: General Store


A middle aged man appears from the back of the room carrying a small cartwheel. He sees you and introduces himself.

Borun: "Ahh...you must be the adventures I've heard about recently. I've also heard you are looking for paid work? Is that correct?"

You say: "Yes we are, did you have something in mind?"

Borun: "Ahh, yes I did. You see...I'm a bit of a...shall we say, rat-a-phobic and I have a bit of rat problem in the basement. I think they are getting in from somewhere but i cant work out where. Would you be able to take a look for me? I'll give you 40GP's for your time!"

You say: "You want me to kill a rat?"

Borun: "Well yes, sort of..."

You say: "And your going to pay me 40 GP's"

Borun doesnt respond directly and looks around the room.

You walk over to the a barrel full of shiny steel rods and pick one up.

You say: "Ok where is it?"

Borun: "Ah...Yes...you see its not just one though..."

You pick up another rod in the other hand.

You say: "Ok...where are they?"

Borun walks over to a shelf, and picks up a large steel beam with both hands struggling to hold its weigh.

Borun: "You might need....something more like this..."

You ask: "...Exactly how many and what size are we talking about here!?"

Borun responds: "Quite large and numerous?"

You respond: "Oh good.."

Borun walks into the back room of the storehouse and opens the basement door.

Borun says: "Come along...this way..."

Borun says: " A local rat catcher was looking into the problem, he said that he would set up a rat trap or something...that was months ago. Not sure where he got to actually...never came back..."


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