D&D Solo Adventures


You continue to walk further along Shadowbark Road, searching for the path that leads to Drovins Cabin.

Terrain Layout


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Area Description

You continue walking further down the wet and muddy road. After you have travelled a short distance, you find another overgrown dirt track leading off to the left. There is a broken sign post that has fallen onto the ground. You hear a loud screeching sound coming from above to forest to your left. A winged humanoid creature slowing descends into the forest in the distance.

gametipGametip: If you choose to travel down this path you can not turn back.




Choose a root action:

1) Broken Sign Post
2) Path leading back down the road
3) Dirt track leading to unknown area

1) Examine the broken sign post:


2) Travel East back down the road


3) Travel South down the unknown dirt track