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You are walking along Shadowbark Road, nearing the area of Drovins Cabin.

Terrain Layout


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Area Description

The sun hovers over the horizon. Trees line the left hand side of the road. Their shadows stretch across the road in slender shapes and move with the rustling of the trees. The tracks of carts and horses are full of water and large puddles are dotted along the road. The air is very cold and moist from the recent rainfall. There is an overgrown path leading off to the left, but you are unsure whether this is the path that leads to the site of Drovins Cabin.

gametipGametip: If you choose to travel down this path you can not turn back.

gametipGametip: Dice roller has been added to checks. The number will change 3 times (as it rolls). The last number is the number the dice has landed on. Remember to add any modifiers to this number. The numbers that appear are completely random.

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Choose a root action:


1) Continue further down the road


2) Travel south down the path