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Criminal report by Leuitenant Chambers:
15/12/216 White, Drovin - Theft Report
Early Afternoon, White Birch General Store

Drovin White has been found this morning stealing tools from the general store.  Nothing of great value, some small shears, string, rivets, and a hand saw.  Again Drovin has come into the hands of the law, that’s 4 times in the last month, for another petty crime. I have never seen him act so strange. I have known this young man for many years, and although he is a little slow witted and a...somewhat unlucky individual, he has always been a kind man; helping out around the village with odd jobs etc. Although I have let him off on his other petty offenses, i will have to reprimand him on this occassion. I will be issuing a fine of 5sp, and a weeks service to the White Birch Watch.”

01/02/216 <this record has been moved from the ‘unclosed crimes’ section>
Midday, White Birch School

I have been called out to White Birch School on a very upsetting occasion. Mrs Krystal, the teacher there broke down in tears as she explained to me how 5 of her children have been abducted.  She says they were a group of friends and were playing in the school grounds near some of the other children when they went missing. She seems adamant that they did not run away. I will be returning to the watch at once to issue an emergency search for these children.

Follow up Report

It has been 4 days since the children went missing and we have still not found them or any evidence of their abduction.  We have completed a full search of White Birch but have found nothing as yet. However, I have not given up hope. We will be extending the search for another four days.

<end of excerpt>

8/02/216 - White, Drovin - Altacation Report
Dusk, Carter Timberwoods Farmstead 

Mr Timberwoods has reported to us strange noises coming from Drovins cabin across the other side of Shadowbark Road. We heard these noises as Mr Timberwoods was explaining his story and proceeded to investigate immediately.  When we arrived at Drovins cabin there were no noises coming from within. There were some small traces of blood on his front steps. After knocking on the door several times with no response and concerned for his wellfare, we proceeded to gain entry by dismantling the door. Drovin was found with the 5 children in his cabin.  Their bodies had been severly mutilated.  Drovin was seated at a desk, covered in blood from head to toe with a childs arm and torso, trying to stick them together!  There was a wide range of tools scattered around his cabin.  In complete shock, I questioned Drovin as to what he was doing. Drovin turned to me and responded in a very hostile manner: “Cant you see!? I’m fixing it...it's broken!!” and started talking imcomprehensibly.   Drovin tried to attack one of my guards with a handsaw in a manic rage. He was subdued and is now awaiting trial in the White Birch Watch Tower cell.  I will be recommending to Judge Silverkin that Drovin receive punishment to the full extend of the law.  He is extremely dangerous to the public and can not be trusted.

Account of the event - Drovin White’s Execution Orders.
10/02/216 - Judge Silverkin “Drovin White, you are being sentenced here today for the murders of 5 of the children of White Birch Village.  Your actions are inexcusable and are a crime against humanity. Your punishment: to be put to death by beheading.  Do you have any final words”

Drovins response: “I do”

Judge: “And what be those words?”

Drovins response: “I will return for your children magistrate, and your childrens children, and all of these rodents before me, their children too. You can not kill the Taker.”

Judge: “Even in death you are still unremorseful...In the name of the White Birch Judiciary Council, I sentence you, Drovin White, to your death.”

- Drovin Whites time of death, midday 10/02/216.

Follow up notation by Judge Silverkin: “Following Drovins execution, many of the witnesses reported a strange green glow coming from Drovins body.  We have found a necklace on Drovin of a very suspicious nature. It has a thick silver chain, with a deep green coloured stone in a sphere shape. This symbol was etched into it:


No one was willing to touch it, saying it was cursed.  I have ordered Wilfalcon (Priest of White Birch) to handle the necklace with care and send it to the mages of the academy to examine and destroy. When Wilfalcom approached Drovins body to remove the necklace, it was gone. All of the guards that were in close proximity to Drovin's body have been heavily interigated and searched, but the necklace has not been recovered. ”

– Secretary of Justice; Follow up Report on Missing Necklace, 30/6/217

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