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Olohands Cottage

Taker Quest




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You return to the familiar setting of Olohands cottage. Olohand greets you kindly and invites you inside.

Olohand says: "Markas and I have searched through so many books...nothing has turned up relating to this 'master' that keeps being mentioned by our adversaries."

You say: "The Keeper of the Grove suggested we should look up a name called Drovin White. Apparently he relates to this mystery somehow. "

Olohand looks at you curiouslyt: "Drovin White you say? Heh..."

You explain what you learnt in the time you were in tanglewood Grove.

Olohand: "If the dragon knew the story of ‘the master’ and who he was, then ‘the master’ couldn’t have lived in dragonshore, as the dragon was not aware of this town for very long.  There was a town north of here, White Birch Village.  It was all but abandoned around 100 years ago.  That village was inhabited long before Dragonshore was established.  Maybe Drovin lived there?” 

With these words Olohand turns towards the back of his study, and begins searching one of the bookshelves. 

Olohand: “Lets see what we can find about this Drovin fellow" . 

Olohand reachs up for a large book from the top shelf of the bookcase, struggling to hold its weight. He places it on the table infront of you with a thud. Flipping the book over onto its face, he opens the book to its appendix.

Olohand: “Drovin White, Drovin White…This is a town council compendium of White Birch Village.  It contains all manner of reports, letters, birth certificates, death cert….ah ha!  Here it is.  White, Drovin. Pg 789”.
Olohand flips the book over again onto its back and searches for page 789..

He reads the title out aloud: “Here we go, Drovin White - Criminal Report and Execution Record." 

Olohand turns the book towards you so you can read it, and begins reading it himself. (read the report)

Olohand: "So Drovin was caught with the 5 mutilated bodies of the children in his cabin. Heh...Children..he also says 'Taker' in his final words....why does this sound so familiar...and that symbol on Drovins necklace!"

Olohand looks closely at the symbol the Judge has drawn in his report: "I have seen that symbol before as well! It is the symbol of zhalathian, The Dark Spirit of Cruelty…Zhalathian…that name translates to 'conquerer'...Or, as an older translation would put it: 'master’. Also, legend tells, zhalathian wore a necklace called Zedridian. Zedridian translated means “Acquire” or “Take”.  No, but this is somebody that takes, so the correct translation is ‘Taker'. Oh dear..."

Olohand looks at the ground and shakes his head as if in disbelief.

Olohand: "There is a myth amongst the children of this town. Children that dont behave get kidnapped by the 'Taker'. He will come for you in the night; a dark twisted spirit of black mist that takes you into a chasm of blackness for all eternity. Even the older folk would sometimes blame missing children on the Taker. Could this myth actually be real...? All these things can not be coincidence…Although legend tells Zhalathian had been felled in ancient past, there are texts that suggest his necklace 'Taker' should still exist.”

Olohand pauses for a moment to contemplate all this: “I’m uncertain of where we should look next.  The necklace must have a new owner. The only place I can think of going next is Drovins Cabin...Although hundreds of years old, a few people have reported it still exists. This is approximately the area where you will be about to find it."

Olohand takes a slim stick of charcoal and draws a circle on your map, just below White Birch Mountain.

gametipGametip: A complete map of Dragonshore can be bought from Dragonshore Farmers Market


Olohand: "It might also be helpful to scout the area for any enemy movement around the base of the White Birch Mountains."

You say: "I will do this".

Olohand: "Thank you again my friend. Oh, and be careful. Zhalathian is a very powerful ancient spirit not to be triffled with. I will approach mayor Wilven for more funds to finance your continued aid to the town.."

With these words, you leave Olohands cabin thinking about the "Taker" necklace, and Drovin Whites story.

Continue your quest

Main Quest: Head to south of White Birch Mountain and search for Drovins Cabin.

Or return to The Town of Dragonshore