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Tanglewood Temple Ruins - Entrance


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Tanglewood Ruins (Level 2 Side Quest) - You spoke with commander ironfist who has asked you to find out why the kobolds are attacking from the west

Gametip: This quest is a continuation of the 'weapon crate delivery' side quest.

Room Layout

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noteGametip: I have made this quest using dungeon tiles (and the dungeon tile mapper program). These are a great inexpensive addition to visually mapping out each area as you go along. You can find out more about dungeon tiles and the dungeon tile mapper program on the wizards website (the ones I'm using here are from the standard set). Graph Paper or even a chess board could be used as an alterative or search around for 'dungeon tiles' for free tiles you can print off yourself.

Room Description

You are standing at the entrance of an old temple. The facade is in ruins. Broken pillars are scattered everywhere.



1) 2 Old Wooden Doors

Choose a root action:

1) Examine object(1)

i) Search for trap on object(1): Result
ii) Disable trap on object(1) Result

b) Unlock object(1) Result

c) Bash object(1) - (no skill requirement - strenght check) Result


2) Return to Dragonshore (under construction)


Choose the result of your chooses above:

Result 1