D&D Solo Adventures

The Crypt - Entrance


The Crypt: The scholar Olohand resides in a small bluestone cottage, a few miles outside of your home village. He is a recluse elderly man and rarely ventures into town, however he has approached you and asked for your assistance with a problem that he wants you to resolve for him. He explains that he has seen a number of skeletal creatures wondering through the nearby fields at night close to his residence and suspects that these creatures are coming from an old derelict crypt near he's farmhouse. He fears that the undead are moving further out with each passing night and wants you to venture into the crypt and find the reason why the undead have been disturbed. Although he lives a meek life, he has promised you a small reward for completing this task.

Corella's Magic Ring (Side Quest): The scholar olohand knows much about the history of the town and believes that the Nobleman 'Adodak Swordhand' was buried within the crypt. He has asked for you to keep an eye out for Adodaks Sarcophagus, in hopes that it might contain his magic ring, as he would like to closely study it.


Room Description

You are standing at the entrance to the abandoned crypt the scholar olohand told you about. In a puddle of mud near the entrance way you notice a number of tracks from both animals, and some other unidentifiable footprints of a skeletal nature, passing in and out of the crypt.

Choose an action

NoteGametip: Mouse over one of the ?event? graphics next to the action you wish to take. Events can be anything from finding items or additional information, encountering enemies, or falling down a pitfall and ending up in a new area. It is better for the game if once you have seen the result of an action, you follow through with it, no matter what the consequence is.

1) Examine the area:

2) Examine the door:

NoteGametip: Sometimes the outcome of an action can make new rooms or areas available for you to explore (a new webpage). Results of an action appear at the bottom of the page. You must first find these results through your actions before you can use them, for instance, you must open a door before you can move onto the next room. Sometimes you must move immediately, other times you have the choice to move on or continue to explore. In this case you are not required to move on to the next area immediately, so you can choose to explore other options if you wish. Click on the result that you have made available to continue the quest (result 1) when you are ready.


All results are listed below, in this case, only one (enter the crypt via the rusted gates)

Result 1