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The Crypt (4e Version) - Entrance


The Crypt

You have started your journey as an adventurer in the town of Dragonshore, a village on the coast of the Great Sea of Neladrian. It has become known to many of the locals that you are here to find paid work, and it is not long before you are approached with a proposition. The eldery scholer, Olohand approchers you in the main street of Dragonshore.

Olohand: "Greetings to you! My name is Olohand. I am a retired scholer...of sorts. I have been told that you are new to this town, and you are looking for paid work? I have a task I need someone able to undertake. Please, come to my home and I will explain the details further"

You follow Olohand back to his cottage.

Olohand "I don't often leave this house; my studies take up most of my time. So about this task I have for you! Over the last few weeks, I have seen movement in the fields outside my home. Each night I see creatures of a skeletal nature wondering mindlessly through the fields. These creatures are moving further and further into the field with each passing night."

Olohand walks over to the window and points in the direction of the crypt; some low hills across the other side of the fields. You can just barely make out a small cave-like entrance way in the side of the hills leading in to the crypt.

Olohand "I would suspect they are coming from that old crypt just over the other side of the open fields. I'm looking for an able adventurer to go into the crypt and find what is causing this disturbance. I'm not a wealthy man, but I can pay you a small reward for this task; 50 gold peices. Oh, one other thing. I know a bit about the history of Dragonshore and I have a strong suspicion that the nobleman 'Adodak Swordhand' was buried within the crypt. You should keep an eye out for his tomb as it may contain his magic ring. If you find it, could you return this item to me? I would very much like to study in closely."

After you agree to help Olohand, he thanks you and says: "Please make sure you are ready before you venture into the crypt. Who knows what horrors are inside that place...good luck to you!"

Olohand bids you farewell, as you begin walking towards the crypt in the distance.


The Crypt: Olohand has asked you to go to the crypt and find out why the dead have been disturbed..

Corella's Magic Ring (Side Quest): Olohand has asked you to check Ododak Swordhands tomb for his Magic ring and if you find it, to return it to Olohand

NoteAdventuring gear can be bought from the shops in Dragonshore. If you have not equiped your characters yet, you can go to The Town of Dragonshore page to visit the town stores.


Room Description

You are standing at the entrance to the abandoned crypt the scholar Olohand told you about. In a puddle of mud near the entrance way you notice a number of tracks from both animals, and some other unidentifiable footprints of a skeletal nature, passing both in and out of the crypt.

Choose an action

Note Gametip: Mouse over one of the ?event? graphics next to the action you wish to take. Events can be anything from finding items or additional information, encountering enemies, or falling down a pitfall and ending up in a completely new area! Once you have seen the result of an action, follow through with it, no matter what the consequence.

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1) Examine the area:

2) Examine the area:

noteGametip: Sometimes the outcome of an action can make new rooms or areas available for you to explore. Results of an action appear at the bottom of the page. You must first find these results through your actions before you can use them, for instance, you must open a door before you can move onto the next room. Sometimes you must move immediately, other times you have the choice to move on or continue to explore. In this case you are not required to move on to the next area immediately, so you can choose to explore other options if you wish. Click on the result you have made available below to continue the quest (result 1) when you are ready.


All results are listed below, in this case, only one (enter the crypt via the rusted gates)

Result 1