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The Crypt (4e Version) - Entrance Corridore

Last Action Taken

You have left the outdoors and have entered a corridore leading further into the Crypt.

Room Layout

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noteGametip: Around the outside of this room and every other room forewith are surrounded by impassible walls, unless otherwise specified.

Room Description

Cobwebs form around the corners of the roof. The floor stones in this small room are mossy and slightly damp. Grass grows from between the cobblestones.



This room has 3 objects, marked on the room map above. They are:

1) Rusted metal gates leading outdoors.
2) A broken crate
3) A wooden door leading further into the crypt.

Choose a root action

noteGametip: Actions work in a tree like structure. Some actions lead onto further options. So for instance you must do option 3) "examine object(3)" which is a door, in order to have access to options 3a) b) c) or d) which are all options to interact with the door (see below). It is best not to view any of the proceeding actions before you have performed the root action. 1) 2) 3) are all root actions, they are in bold text. Object 2a) has 2 options available. These must be carried out in their specified order: you must i) search for traps before you can ii) disable them. However you dont have to search and disable a trap before you can opening the door. You may choose to bash the door down, and hope there is no trap! Read the 'How to Play' section for more information.

noteGametip: Search for trap and disable trap appear for every door and container in the dungeon even if they do not have a trap, as not to give away the ones that have traps and the ones that dont.

noteGametip: All rolls have only 1 attempt at success unless otherwise specified. The DC's are reduced to account for the small number of players.

1) Return outdoors via Objects (1)

2) Examine Object(2):

i) Search for trap Result
ii) Disable trap Result

3) Examine object(3):

a) Listen at the door(3) Result

c) Unlock Door(3) Result

d) Bash Open Door Result


Choose the result of your chooses above:

Result 1
Result 2