D&D Solo Adventures

The Crypt (4e Version) - Preparation Chamber

Last Action Taken

You have either successfully unlocked or bashed the last door down on the first attempt


If you are returning to this room, and you have already fought the dire rats, ignore the encounter. If you haven't this encounter occurs.

Room Layout

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You enter a large open room scattered with small planks of wood and half assembled rotting coffins. As you enter the room, you find 2 Dire Rats (Monster Manual 4e pg 219) which you have taken by surprise. The enemies are located in positions (a) and (b). All non-combat objects (blue numbers on the map above) are disregarded until after combat finishes.



(a) Dire Rat
(b) Dire Rat

Combat begins (use the rules for combat that you are comfortable with)

noteGametip: Remember to calculate players XP after successfully winning a encounter

After Combat

Search Direrat Corpses:

Now, continue on to explore the room...(non-combat features are now available)


noteGametip: If you return to a room that you have already been through, ignore the options that you have already completed, like encounters, unlocking doors, etc.


(1) A wooden door
(2) A wooden door
(3) A pile of bones
(4) An Urn ontop of a stone pedestial

Choose a root action:


1) Examine Object(1):

i) Search for trap on Object(1) Result
ii) Disable trap on Object(1) Result

c) Open Object(1):


2) Examine Object(2):

i) Search for trap on Object(2) Result
ii) Disable trap on Object(2) Result

b) Listen at Object(2) Result
c) Unlock Object(2) Result
d) Bash Object(2) Result


3) Examine Object (3):

a) Search Object(3) result

4) Examine Object (4):

a) Search Object (4) result

b) Pick up Object(4): i) ii)

c) Throw Object(4): i) ii)

noteGametip: You gain 1 extra action point after every 2nd consecutive encounter


5) Arcana Skill Check: result


Choose the result of your chooses above:

Result 1

Result 2

Result 3