D&D Solo Adventures

The Crypt (4e Version) - Preparation Chamber

Last Action Taken

You have either unsuccessfully unlocked or bashed the last door down on first attempt.

Room Layout:


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You enter a large open room scattered with small planks of wood and half assembled rotting coffins.

noteGametip: Some rooms have conditions, that require the player to perform certain actions or events are triggered by a particular action or decision a player makes. These conditions are explained before you start deciding what you want to do in room, as with the following example:


Check each player's passive perception. If the result is DC16 or higher read the events in this order 1) and then 2). If they passive perception is lower then DC16, read event 3) then 2).




noteGametip: If you return to a room that you have already been through, ignore the options that you have already completed, like encounters, unlocking doors, etc.


(1) A wooden door
(2) A wooden door
(3) A pile of bones
(4) An Urn ontop of a stone pedestial

Choose a root action:

1) Examine Object(1):

a) Listen at Object(1) Result

i) Search for trap on Object(1) Result
ii) Disable trap on Object(1) Result

c) Open Object(1):


2) Examine Object(2):

i) Search for trap on Object(2): Result
ii) Disable trap on Object(2) Result

b) Listen at Object(2) Result
c) Unlock Object(2) Result
d) Bash Object(2) Result


3) Examine Object (3):

a) Search Object(3) result


4) Examine Object (4):

a) Search Object (4) result

b) Pick up Object(4): i) ii)

c) Throw Object(4): i) ii)


5) Arcana Skill Check: result


Choose the result of your chooses above:

Result 1

Result 2

Result 3