D&D Solo Adventures

The Town of Dragonshore

Building name: The Scribes Den

Building type: Bookstore

There are a number of tables in the centre of the room, stacked high with books and scrolls. Full bookshelves cover almost every wall and block some of the windows, making the room dimly light. There is no fire place and the shop is very cold. The room is lit by a number of tall candlelabra's placed around the outside of the room.

A women is sweeping the wooden floor boards of this, surprising cramped bookstore. She looks up at you as the metal bell at the top of the shop door rings. She turns her head towards the back of the store and exclaims to somebody out of sight: "Markas! You have a customer!"

You hear the sound of footsteps coming from below the shop. A thin brownhaired man wearing a thick woolen jumper, with a monocle hanging from his chest appears from the stairwell at the back of the store behind the countertop.

Markas: "Greetings to you! Welcome to my little bookshop! How can i be of assistance?"

Item Required: Corella's Letter

You say: "Hello Markas. We have a document of historical importance we would like you to verify, and if you are interested it is also up for sale"

Markas puts a pair of white linen gloves on, and picks up his monocle hanging around his chest and says: "Well theres only one way to find out! Please, show me this document!"

You hand the letter to Markas who studies it closely. Holding the letter up to the window Markas says "Well the first thing i can tell you, looking at the color and texture of the parchment, id date it...100...yes, at least 100 years old. Appoximately of course. Can't tell for sure without doing some further tests...Its in reasonable condition for its age."

Markas reads the front of the letter out loud in a strong voice: "Without you, my heart withers..."

Markas then removes the letter and reads Corellas letter. By the end of the letter, Markas looks up at you with a somewhat surprised look on his face.

He says: "This is incredible! It puts all the myths and rumors around Corellas death finally to rest. The story of Corella is quite a legend around this town you know. The children have been singing song's about her for years. I'm a distant decendent of the Dryadson family so it has a special sort of significance for me too you see...can i ask, where did you find it?"

You say: "In the old crypt outside of town, it had been placed inside Adodak's tomb"

Markas says: "Absolutely remarkable...Well, I tell you what. I'm quiet positive this is a geniune article, seems like a very plausible story. I'll give you 50gp's for the letter, but there is one condition; You must take this letter to my grandmother Darella. The reason is 2 fold. I would like her to confirm its authenticity; she is very knowledgable in this towns history. And I'm sure she would love to see it herself! Being a relative of Corella much like myself of course."

You agree to this, and take the letter back from Markas. As you leave the shop, you think for a split second, in the corner of your eye you saw something moving in the shadows of the allyway next to Markas' shop, but you cant be sure. When you focus closely at the other end of the ally, you cant see or hear anything out of the ordinary.

Corella's Letter (Item Required: Corella's Letter) - Take Corella Dyardsons Letter to Darella Dryadson to authenicate.

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Markas Dryadson

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