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The Town of Dragonshore

Building name: Scholer Olohand's Cottage

Building type: Cottage

This 2 storey bluestone cottage has a straw thatched roof. It is nestled amongst thick shubbery and a small thicket of old oak trees in the middle of an otherwise empty field. The house is bordered with flowerbeds full of small annual blooms in a variety of colors.

NoteOlohand is the primary quest giver for the dragonshore campaign. The Crypt quest below is the first quest and starting point in the dragonshore campaign.

Olohands Quest List

The Crypt
Level: 1

Corellas Letter
Level: 3
Prerequisite: Must have completed 'The Crypt' quest.

The Masters Orders
Level: 4
Prerequisite: Must have completed 'Corella's Letter' quest.

Level: 6
Prerequisite: Must have completed 'The Keeper in the Grove' quest.

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